Ticketing Kiosk

Ticketing Kiosk - Goodbye to queues

Ticketing kiosk will help your business to effectively manage customer queues by issuing ticketing to the customers. It can easily be integrated to your existing business systems.

Our team of engineers are capable of integrating the kiosk to your business backend solution. Our smart monitoring will help your business to understand the customer traffic and provide better customer experience.

Contact us today to know how this can be implemented in your business.

Device Types

Select one from wide range of DBS ticketing kiosks.

  • Ticosk22
  • Ticosk Panel


Ticketing kiosk comes with integrated ticketing software and hooked up to our software suite.

  • Manage Queue priority
  • Configure Ticket Types
  • Reports and Analytics


The ticketing kiosk can be installed where customer queue management requires automation.

  • Government Offices
  • Corporate Buildings
  • Hospitals and GP Clinics
  • Busy Retail Stores