Internet Of Things

IOT Devices - System Integrators.

We specialises in integration of IOT devices to self-service technologies. Our team of engineers and their expertise in developing IOT devices to support the streamlined operations of our solutions.

We have successfully integratrated our smart health monitor to our devices to retrieve and monitor the health and availablity status. Our high-tech software suite will help you to anaylse these reports and provide better value by reducing downtimes.

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Device Types

We successfully integrated many IOT solutions with our self-service technologies.

  • DBS Watcher
  • DBS AccessManager
  • DBS AutoController


Our IOT devices are integrated with DBS software suite to monitor the performance and extract reports.

  • Performance Monitoring
  • Remote Device Control
  • Reports and Analytics

Use Cases

Our IOT devices have many use cases, which might help your business in different ways.

  • Warehouse Integration
  • Remote site monitoring
  • Device Health Reports
  • System Integration